6 Tips for More Effective Print Advertising

Communicate on Two Levels

Convey the main idea and the branding within 3-5 seconds, and then get across your key supporting points in an additional 10 seconds of ‘investment’.

Communicate Branding Through the Main Visual

Ensure the visual refers to the product or service; otherwise brand recall suffers at the expense of the unrelated image.

A consistent look, style or utilised elements will reinforce branding without the need for readership.

Create a Dominant Viewing Pattern

Effective layout or visual devices should ‘lead’ the reader on a pathway of your choosing. The main visual is key to this pathway; avoid pulling the reader in different directions.

Keep it Simple

With print, don’t try and tell readers the whole story in one go, they’ll be overwhelmed and will disengage.

Focus on a single, critical message, benefit or even call to action; the advert shouldn’t be a shopping list.

Abstract works better on TV; it can often pay to be literal and direct with print.

Be Distinctive

Attention and involvement are best gained when your advert is well executed, unique, in the right place and communicating with the right people.

Always Measure

Advertising should be seen as an investment. You should always measure the Return on Investment that placed adverts generate. Isolated campaigns or response codes/numbers can help with measuring and assessing.

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